These are services that less is more interiors offers our clients:
If you've become overwhelmed with the clutter in your space, or your home management systems are not working, less is more interiors can help you create an environment of calm and order.  We can come up with a plan to bring harmony back to your home.  We can also help with life's challenging transitions that include loss of a loved one, divorce, downsizing/moving, and the combining of households.  Whether it's one room, a closet or pantry, a kitchen or garage, or another part of your home, less is more interiors can help organize your space and devise a system to help you maintain it. 
*Home Staging:
Home staging is the process of preparing a home for sale so that it appeals to as many prospective buyers as possible.  It includes de-personalizing, neutralizing, and de-cluttering the space, updating or enhancing curb appeal, and objectively presenting a home so that potential buyers can imagine it as their place. 
Staged homes typically sell quicker, and therefore spend less time on the market.  less is more interiors can help you prepare your house for sale.  Please note, that we offer our home staging services to both homeowners and real estate agents/brokers. 
*Interior Redesign:
During the process of organizing your space or staging your home to sell, you may need to re-purpose your furnishings in order to make the space more functional.  Or you just want a fresh look without having to buy new furniture or accessories. 
The process of interior redesign is using what you currently have and reusing it to fit the space.  less is more interiors can help with these needs.  We want to help you redesign with fashion, form and function, and help keep you organized with style. 
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